Inside the Game: A Deep Dive into Futsal Principles

Basic Core attacking concepts Regardless of the formation or attacking system used, the correct application of technical options and our ability to evaluate and analyze the game depends on the basic core concepts of attacking play. These concepts involve perception/motor or coordination skills, individual attacking tactics, and the foundation for small group and team tactics….

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Celebrating Excellence: Di Bufala Sport Club’s Women’s Team Clinches Fourth Consecutive Tournament Victory in Las Vegas

At Di Bufala Sport Club, we are proud to announce a historic achievement by our exceptional women’s team, led by Coach Luiz Galletti. Marta Pelegrin, Elsa Echarri, Emily Rose, Maria Sanz, Andrea, Ally, Audrey, Christine, Narinha, Maria Pelegrin, Ahriel Young, and Roxy Kamal, have once again proven their dominance on the futsal field by securing…

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