Back-to-Back Triumph: DBSC Women’s Futsal Team Clinches US Nationals

We extend our warmest congratulations to our Women’s Futsal Team for their exceptional feat in securing back-to-back victories at the US Futsal Nationals!

This monumental achievement unfolded in Atlantic City, NJ, where elite futsal clubs from all corners of the US engaged in fierce competition. From the youngest U9 boys and girls to the highly competitive Open Women’s division, Di Bufala Sport Club from Walnut Creek, CA, showcased their dominance by emerging victorious in every match they contested.

In a heart-pounding final showdown, our resilient team went head-to-head with Victory FC from San Jose, CA. Despite facing a 2-0 deficit in the first half, they demonstrated unwavering determination and clawed their way back to level the score at 2-2, setting the stage for an electrifying overtime battle. It was the indomitable Marta Pelegrin who etched her name in the record books by netting the game-winning goal. Marta’s remarkable performance earned her the prestigious title of MVP of the tournament, and she secured her position as the tournament’s leading goal scorer with a remarkable tally of seven goals in just four games.

However, the success story of our Women’s Futsal Team is not complete without acknowledging the inspirational leadership of two exceptional individuals, Nara and Marta. These dedicated Team Captains played pivotal roles in guiding the squad to victory in the 2020 event, making the back-to-back National title win in 2021 all the more special.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional women and the entire team, along with their devoted coaches. The entire Di Bufala Sport Club beams with pride, celebrating your remarkable achievements that serve as an inspiration to us all. Your unwavering dedication, indomitable spirit, and outstanding teamwork have firmly etched your names in the annals of futsal history.

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