Di Bufala’s Women’s Team: Dominating the Futsal Scene

They run. They sweat. They put up a fight. Our Women’s team, featuring stars like Roxi (Roxana Kamel), Nadina Tsyba, Marta, Juliana, Andrea, Carina, Christine Keon, Paulina, Ally, Emily, and Narinha, has once again dazzled us by securing their third consecutive championship.

A heartfelt thank you to the brilliant coaching duo of Coach Luiz Galletti and Ricardo da Silva, whose masterful guidance led the team to yet another glorious victory. Their tactical brilliance and off-the-ball movement paved the way for countless remarkable attacks, resulting in another championship triumph. 🌟

We swell with pride as we watch our stars shine brightly on the court, this time in Santa Clara, California. ✨

Stay tuned for a journey that goes beyond championships, as Di Bufala Sport Club continues to redefine futsal excellence and inspire our community with their unwavering passion for the game! 💪⚽🎉 #Champions #ThreePeat #DiBufalaSportsClub

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